Private & Virtual Workshops

Looking to learn all of Candace’s tips and tricks to recreate your own special board at home? Our virtual and private workshops are just the perfect option if you are hosting a girl’s night, corporate event, or want to bring traffic into your business location as a sip and shop option. Minimum of 8 individuals to reserve a private or virtual workshop with Candace.

Let us know your vision you want to bring to life to make the workshop meet your needs and expectations. Candace will provide an overview on how to select cheeses based on milk’s and how to slice them, the basic knowledge of crafting a graze board, supply a menu of items to purchase (virtual workshops only; in person workshops the items are provided and factored into the price quote), garnishing to take your graze to the next level and answer any questions the group may have. Inquire today to host your own workshop with Grazeful.